First Taste is Free

I’m really jealous when I see pictures of large groups playing in big local events  For quite some time, the local meta where the Total Reaktion crew resides has been the Total Reaktion crew.  We are open and engaging.  Playing at our FLGS regularly, we get lots of looky-loos..  We’ve passed out quick start guides to those that have shown interest.  Growth has been slow.

One of the inescapable truths to wargaming is that start up can be costly and problematic.  I’m sure many of us have dropped cash on a game we thought we would like only to find not so much.  Or, to find you do like it, but the faction or list you have picked doesn’t suit your play style as much as you thought it would. Now you either drop more cash or move on to something else. There’s gotta be a better way.

Now in an ideal situation, the WarCor would have enough of a selection to have loaner models a plenty.  The prospective gamer could try multiples out to find one that is just right.   Still waiting for this ideal situation I keep hearing about to avail itself. Alas it has not.  RL has kept your humble narrator from being able to plunk down the wad of cash to accumulate a sampling of all the armies he would never have the time to paint up anyway.

The solution?  Proxies.  MDF is throw away packaging material where I work and I have access to equipment that allows me to cut it semi precisely.  I cranked out a pile of silhouette sized pieces to make game tokens from.


Next I attached them to some round bases and wrote my units on them.  Good for a desired list for an upcoming game.


Feeling proud of my idea I posted them to the major Infinity community FB page.  There were many wide ranging reactions such as this


Okay so the general consensus was; “Neat idea.  Do what you can to get your game in.  Don’t show up to league night or a tournament with these but kudos for trying.”   They needed something more.  Like images and readable text.  So I played with Paint and came up with these.shockarmy



I went down to the library and printed them on the laser printer.  Shot a coat of paint on the markers and glued them on.  I ended up with these.14141832_10153795339353531_7503988935606587242_n

I have many of the starter boxes saved as a PDF.











Now I have good looking pieces to engage new players with.   We’ve had an influx in the last month of guys getting on the table with these pieces and looking to come back for more.  One player has dropped a chunk on two armies.  A few more are trying different ones on to determine which one they will buy.  Our meta has gone from 3 to7 with these tools.  Players that will spend money in our local game shop buying products from CB.  Worth the bit of effort I’ve put in.

Please use these if you need.




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